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Underwood, Catherine

Underwood, Catherine

7th Grade Keyboarding (Computer Ed.) and 6-8 grade Humanities

What degree(s) have you earned?
Elementary Ed. 1-8 , Mild-Moderate Disabilities PK-12, Language Arts 6-8, and Social Studies 6-8.

Where did you attend college?
Connors State College and Northeastern State University

Where did you attend high school?
Stigler High School (class of 1977)

More About Me:
I love planting flowers in my garden for the hummingbirds and butterflies, and I also enjoy watching them as they bring their friends to my yard. I also enjoy going fishing with my husband and son. We have a Chocolate Lab named Angel, who also likes to go fishing. My husband's name is Randall Underwood and my son's name is Robby White.


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