Elementary School

Elementary School

Address: 302 NE 5th St
Phone Number: 918-967-8835
Fax Number: 918-967-5124
Principal: Melanie Garman

Dean of Students: Michelle Moore

Secretaries: Stephanie Davis and Jennifer Jackson
Counselor: Mary Teel

Student Resources
Click here for IXL 
Click here for Renaissance Learning
Click here for abcmouse

Here are some resources for free digital books and activities:

btsb.com/educational-resources-main-tab-landing-page/   This website has several sources in one place. It gives access to ABDO books which are very popular with our students. It also provides a link to Audible for free books, among other links and activities.

juniorlibraryguild.com/jlgdigital-free  This website has free digital books and activities.

auth.grolier.com/login/bookflix//login.php?bffs=N  This is bookflix, which also has free books and activities.  You will have to login to this site with the following:  username: stigleres   Password: bookflix--